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14 de Octubre de 2015

Your Passport to Employment

Employability is key and that is why, in an ever increasingly competitive, dynamic and flexible environment, there are many students looking at Master’s and postgraduate courses as the best way in which to increase their chances of professional success and to find a qualified position.  The reason being none other than the presumption that this level of studies differentiates candidates. 

Based on this, the objective of Fundesem Business School is to offer qualifications with a guarantee of employment.  The history of the school cannot be measured solely in years, in total 50 years’ experience, but also by their ability to find employment opportunities for their students.

The FBS vocation of providing a service comes complete with a Department of Professional Career Development for students to use to further their career in the field of business.  The aim of this department, therefore, is to enhance the employability of the school’s students, offering paid internships for those matching the profiles required by companies which are members of the Foundation, helping students obtain their first employment experience and, above all, bringing added value to the students’ career development.  In other words graduates are launched on to the labour market with networking.

The postgraduate courses include, for example, an Executive MBA – a Master’s degree course designed to develop the abilities and managerial skills of the students.  It is necessary to take into account that, in the current labour market, one of the most demanded profiles is that of a highly qualified professional with specialist knowledge of a particular area and, at the same time, a versatile managerial vision of the company.

Equally on all FBS training programs, care is taken to ensure that the quality of teaching is of the highest level.  To this end, FBS utilizes the pedagogical technique of the case study method, as well as providing facilities designed for discussion and learning.  This strategy is aimed at students learning through resolving real-life situations.

In addition the FBS MBA, including the Postgraduate MBA, takes place in classrooms tiered as in lecture theatres to facilitate debate and discussion.  The classrooms have large boards and technological support.

In the same vein, students have access to smaller classrooms case study analysis meetings, as part of the business school environment promoting networking and professional relationships.

In addition, the range of courses includes Master of Company Law in order to understand the legal framework that applies to business.  This course is aimed at business consultants in areas such as tax law, employment law and commercial law.

Another Master’s course offered is that of Company Tax Adviser, allowing the student to obtain an official degree accredited by CEU Cardenal Herrera University.  This accreditation is recognized by the fiscal departments of both law firms and corporations.

Another distinguishing feature offered by FBS is the Association of Past Students.  This has an on-line platform offering different discounts and access to update classes.  In this way, FBS supports the professional retraining of its former students by monthly classes.  The methodology used is the same as in other programs and Masters courses: the case method.  Not less important is the package of free courses on the new technologies aimed at the children of students.  The whole family matters.

Family Management and Leadership

A Master for Parents.  FBS cares about supporting its students and past students with multiple initiatives.  One of these concerns family management and as such is called the Master of Children Administration (MCA).   It is a useful free program aimed at members of the student community, in particular at parents of children up to 12 years of age, wishing to optimize their skills to manage the everyday problems associated with education and crisis management of minors.

In Pairs.   Students attend the course with their partners and learn how to schedule free time, analyse temperament and develop leadership of their children.  The classes are participatory and involve the resolution of eminently practical case studies.

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