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17 de Noviembre de 2015

Fundesem trains professionals to face up to the challenges of the current market with success.

At Fundesem Business School, the most important thing is people. The school Business School, the most important thing is people. gh its doors, thanks to a personal and academic experience which they will remember forever. The personal, individualized treatment, smart appearance, and reward for effort are the pillars supporting the FBS culture.
Fundesem is offering an updated range of courses created from the close relationship it maintains with the business fabric of Alicante, which is enhanced by a teaching staff of the highest quality, a unique pedagogy based on the case study method, and the facilities necessary for the perfect student academic experience. All these strengths are the result of the significant changes undertaken during the reorganization process which took place two years ago.


This reorganization project has led to the updating and formalization of all Masters’ degree courses, providing demanding content tailored to the current business situation with lines of work corresponding to the precision and academic excellence demanded by companies today.
As a result of its reorganization, Fundesem has become a reference point for the province’s business community. In addition to being a leading centre in advanced business training, for both new graduates and the experienced professional, the school has positioned itself as a forum for meetings and discussion, and a support network for business and entrepreneurs. In fact, since the restructuring of the course contents, the school has tripled sales in training aimed at companies. Training which is tailored to every need in various areas such as Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, and Communication among others.
Management training is one of the pillars of FBS, in particular its MBA degree. The Fundesem MBA provides preparation for the currently most demanded professional profile: highly skilled with expert knowledge of your area, while at the same time, having an integrated, managerial, multi-purpose vision of the company. A demanding program which, in addition to providing comprehensive business management training, is rounded off by studying a specialization in a specific area of interest: financial and economic management, marketing, Human Resources, international trade and up to eight other areas.

A focus of employment in the province

In addition to providing training at the highest level, Fundesem has become the most important focus for employment generation in the province of Alicante, being closely linked to the trends emerging from within the business fabric of the province. In fact, one of the great innovations of the last few months has been the creation of the FBS Employment Observatory, allowing the production of useful statistics on the specialisms most in demand in the employment market, the interest shown in certain professional profiles and the latest employment trends.

Also worthy of note is the work of the FBS Department of Professional Career Development, whose main objective is to enhance the employability of the student by offering remunerated internships for those matching the profiles demanded by firms which are either members of or associated with the Foundation.
The professionals working in this area assist graduates to relaunch their career, or reintegrate them into the world of work, by coaching and employment counselling programs. During the last academic year, this department dealt with a total of 179 job offers and placed 55 students with both senior and middle management profiles in different posts.
In addition to teamworking, the most important factor for Fundesem is the values transmitted by all the teaching staff to the students, who will be the future professionals in the companies in our area.

Personal Skills

Therefore, the imparting of experiences, both professional and human, is essential to encourage the development of the personal skills necessary to achieve high performance at work. In this regard, the business schools’ responsibility is extremely high. Being fully aware of this, FBS boosts the development of such skills resulting in a positive transformation of its students through the example of its team of world-class teachers, whose objective is to prepare managers for the business scenarios of the future.
Furthermore, students completing their training at the school become part of a network of professional opportunities promoting their business career and an added-value in the development of their career. This strong community of past students - FBS Community - allows its members to remain in contact with FBS and enjoy the educational, commercial and family benefits this brings
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