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19 de Octubre de 2015

Fundesem opens its doors to demonstrate its methodology to new students

Fundesem Business School is organizing Open Days to demonstrate its exclusive method of group working to students.  Attendees will receive a Masterclass, which will take place on 29 September next, during which they can experience the working ambience within the classroom, resolve any doubts they have about the MBA and Law School programs and, above all, discuss and solve a practical case study similar to those in real classes.  Registration for the event is available on the FBS web page:

In this manner, FBS is opening the new academic year with a wide-ranging training program designed for the needs of the Company.  The close relationship joining FBS to companies within the province means that the institution knows from first-hand the most demanded professional profiles and the latest developments in contracting employees.

In this regard, FBS has a well-established Department of Professional Career Development, whose main commitment is to promote the employability of students, whilst, at the same time, helping companies seeking professionals to join their workforce.  The results of this endeavour show that FBS managed 170 offers of employment and placed 55 students with senior and middle-management profiles in various posts in the last academic year.

This area of FBS collaborates with companies in their search for and selection of personnel and offers continuous support to their Human Resources Departments.  In fact, during the last academic year, Fundesem organized 2 conferences for HR Managers which attracted a large number of professionals from the sector.

MBA, a guarantee of professional success

The Master of Business Administration (MBA), provides preparation for the most demanded current profile: highly skilled with expert knowledge of your area and, at the same time, an integral managerial and multipurpose vision of the company.   In addition, FBS is initiating a range of programs in the Law School, which in the last academic year adopted the same methodology as the MBA program – case study method, group working, outdoor training and guaranteed remunerated internships.

The training sessions take the form of business meetings, in which the teacher acts as an expert guiding and leading the debate.  The unique differentiating methodology used at FBS based on the case study method.

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