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26 de Octubre de 2015

Fundesem is establishing itself as a benchmark for quality training.

Fundesem Business School held its latest graduation ceremony, which was closed by the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, on July 18 last.  The event put the finishing touch to an academic year that ended positively, strengthening the position of the Alicante business school as the benchmark for quality training and focus for employment within the province.  The increasing number of events organized by FBS, which have far exceeded expectations in terms of participation, together with the forums for meeting prestigious professionals which have been held, strengthen the project of FBS reorganization which started two years ago.

Over the last academic year, a total of 174 students have passed through the doors of FBS to study on its specialist Master courses: Master of Business Administration (MBA) + specialism, Master of Company Law (MDE), Master in Company Tax Consulting (MAFE), and Master of Digital Marketing (MMDi).  Academic excellence, rigour, the value of effort and teamwork, as well as enhancing the skills and abilities that the market demands, mark the FBS philosophy of education.  To facilitate student professional growth, the new MBA project incorporates the case study methodology, requiring students working in groups to analyse and resolve real cases for the further development of the professional in a management team.

In addition, 4,400 people attended the hundreds of events organized by the business school whish were aimed at all types of professionals, making FBS an important meeting point for professionals and companies within the province.  The following events are worthy of special note: the 1st Digital Marketing Conference, which brought together hundreds of industry professionals, the 1st Employment and Talent Forum, held at the ADDA, where over 2,000 professionals from Alicante attended, and K World Quondos, which managed to connect 42,000 people from around the world in 24 hours.  Other well-attended events have been the forums of public Management and Political Leadership featuring top level national speakers such as Inma Puig-Simon, Antonio Nuñez, Joan Navarro, Guido Stein and Antonio Zarzalejos.


One of the great innovations of this year has been the creation of FBS Employment Monitoring, whose studies have yielded very useful figures on employment within the province.  Thanks to the privileged position of FBS, as an institution integrated into the commercial fabric of the province, the Alicante business school has produced on the most desired professional profiles, the latest ideas in recruitment and has monitored trends such as the demand for on-line marketing professionals on the part of business.  FBS has proved the high demand for such experts, by finding employment for 100% of the students studying on the Master of Digital Marketing program. 

In addition, in the last academic year FBS relaunched its Department of Professional Career Development with the aim of facilitating the incorporation of its students into the world of work by providing paid internships.  179 employment offers were processed resulting in 55 students being employed in middle- and senior management posts.  This Department also advises students on relaunching their career or returning to employment.

During the 2014/2015 academic year, the school also undertook other initiatives to support its students and graduates.  Among these and worthy of special mention is the innovative Master of Child Administration (MCA) which teaches strategies to solve the everyday problems in the upbringing of minors and is aimed at members of the FBS community with children up to the age of 12.  Equally of note are the activities organized by the school aimed at the children of all FBS community members in order to develop key skills for their academic and professional future, such as role-play sessions, where children use their creativity, improve self-confidence, and explore communication skills both verbally and through body language while, at the same time, learning English. 

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