Fundesem has placed 98 of its students in employment in 2015 | Fundesem
27 de Enero de 2016

Fundesem has placed 98 of its students in employment in 2015

Fundesem Business School has finalized its 2015 courses with excellent results in terms of job placement according to the data issued by the Employment Observatory, reflecting the main employment trends within the province.   The report states that Fundesem placed 98 students in employment – 44 more than the previous year – there being 315 vacancies available.  Moreover, over 500 companies approached Fundesem in search of fresh professional profiles to join their teams during 2015.  This data the position of the business school as a focal point of job creation in the province, mainly thanks to its close ties to the emerging trends at the heart of Alicante commerce.  

The Alicante business school is a privileged observer of the employment market for senior and middle management, being the organization that the national and international companies based in the province come to for staff recruitment.     

Thus, the final quarter of 2015 (from October to December) has been the most positive of the whole year as over 28% of the students who have found employment through Fundesem, have done so in this period.

If we examine the areas of employment, the most successful opportunities throughout 2015 have been those in the commercial, economics and finance, operations, and Human Resources areas.

Paid Internships

The deep-rooted relationship that Fundesem maintains with the companies within the province and the paid internship program makes graduate contact with the world of work easier.

The FBS Department of Professional Development has reported on employment after internships to support this: in 2015 83% of students on the Master of Business Administration course and the Law School masters’ courses have accepted employment in the companies at which they undertook their internship. The statistics show that the specialisms with the highest employment rate have been Hotel Management (90%) and Human Resources (90%).

In the case of the Master of Digital Marketing course, 100% of students have been employed upon finishing their internship.  This program is considered to be a benchmark at a national level by independent experts due to the quality of the teaching staff, the commitment to an integrated approach and the ability to apply the updated knowledge acquired.

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