Fundesem announces the commencement of the 2015/2016 MBA program | Fundesem
23 de Octubre de 2015

Fundesem announces the commencement of the 2015/2016 MBA program

The Fundesem Master of Business Administration, which commences in October, provides the preparation required for the currently most demanded professional profile:  a highly qualified professional with expert knowledge of his/her field, whilst, at the same time, having an integral, flexible vision of the company as a whole.  This demanding program, in addition to providing comprehensive training in company management, incorporates training in a specific specialized area of interest: Economic and Financial Management, Marketing, Human Resources, International Trade, and up to eight other areas.   

The students on this Master’s course can also participate in remunerated internships and will obtain an official degree from the CEU-UCH University, in addition to a FBS degree as Master of the specialism studied.  Without a doubt, it is the Fundesem Business School flagship course.

The FBS MBA is an excellent choice for those professionals wishing to relaunch their career.  “I perfectly remember the day that I knew that I needed a change in my professional life.  That feeling of having reduced options within the world of business led me directly to knock on Fundesem’s doors.”  These are the words of Raúl Raduan, who graduated from this MBA course, and who also stated, “Studying on the MBA course took me significantly outside my comfort zone which has allowed me to grow and develop both professionally and personally.”  Raduan believes that by studying at the business school, he has increased his employability with the help of the FBS Department of Professional Career Development and has qualitatively reinforced his perceived value.  

He also states that Fundesem has been an “inspiring experience providing the momentum required to qualify for managerial posts in the more established companies in the province, providing me with the resources needed for success in an increasingly changing and demanding business environment.”

Furthermore, FBS Dean, José Santacruz, has stated “Our goal is to prepare future managers in the management of change and in decision making by ensuring that they are fully informed.”  He added that, for him, “Not only do they need in-depth knowledge, but also personal and professional development improving their technical skills in communication, leadership and strategic vision.”

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