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03 de Noviembre de 2015

Executive Employment has revived in the Province of Alicante

The employment rate for middle and professional managers in companies in Alicante increased during the first half of this year, mainly in the consumer goods, services, technology, and distribution sectors.  This highlights a report by the Fundesem Business School Employment Observatory which reflected the main employment trends within the province.

Over three hundred Alicante companies have been interested in the professional profiles of Fundesem students in the first six months of this year.  The Alicante business school is a privileged observer of the job market for executives and middle managers and is organization approached by both national and international companies based in the province for when recruiting staff.

The most popular specialisms have been, above all, the commercial and marketing areas, accounting for 47%, and finance, accounting for 18%.  It is important to highlight the increase in the number of posts such as those in general management, which were not available some years ago.  This shows a clear trend in strengthening senior management teams by Alicante companies.

The study also reveals that on-line marketing continues to be a safe bet for finding employment.  The business school has not been able to cover all the posts related to the new technologies as there were insufficient candidates due to the demand for these professionals outstripping supply.  100% of students on the last Master of Digital Marketing course found employment.

Moreover, this report indicates that the labour market is clearly disposed to recruiting well-qualified young professionals without previous experience.  The proof of this is that 89% of students undertaking internships have received offers of employment from the companies where they were placed.

Mª Luz Pomares, Director of the FBS Department of Professional Career Development, has expressed her satisfaction with the situation by pointing out that “the interest in the professional profiles of our students, both younger and older, and the employment that our internship program has generated, tells us that we are enjoying a period of economic recovery in our province.”

Noteworthy is the trend towards the employment of professionals by family businesses in the Province of Alicante; a situation which had practically disappeared some years ago.  “While it is still too soon to mark this as a trend, one can see a change in the managers who handled the crisis and those who must manage the expansion period,” commented Mª Luz Pomares, “The key posts are being occupied by young professionals who are not members of the founding family,” she added.  

During the last six months, the Department of Professional Career Development has processed a total of 155 offers of employment of which 41 have been filled, and to which can be added the 45 internship students who have received firm offers of employment.  Of this last group, 33 are MBA students and 12 are Law School students.  

Students completing their training at Fundesem Business School become part of a network of professional opportunity which drives their career in the business field.  This important function belongs to the FBS Department of Professional Career Development, whose main objective is to enhance the employment potential of past students with the offer of remunerated internships for those who meet the profiles demanded by member companies of, or those associated with the Foundation.  At the same time, it helps past students relaunch their career, or find employment by providing coaching and work counselling programs.

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