Who's Talking - Why Life Coaching?


We live in a fast changing world, where those of us who are unsure of ourselves seek refuge in drugs, drink, and/or sex, and, lose anything resembling meaning in our lives. People who are not 'sick' enough to consult therapists, analysts, or counsellors need to have access to  alternative resources not only in times of crisis, but also to make difficult decisions and life choices in the modern world. 

Migel Jayasinghe (Occupational psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach) // Born in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Migel Jayasinghe has lived and worked on three continents, Asia, Africa and Europe. Since November 2005, he and his wife have been living on the Costa Blanca, Spain as retirees. As an Occupational Psychologist with the Royal British Legion Industries, UK, he established a vocational assessment and rehabilitation facility, helping disabled ex-servicemen and women back into appropriate further education, re-training and civilian employment (1996 – 2001).  Migel has also  trained as a hypnotherapist and a life  coach.  His academic work, Counselling in Careers Guidance (2001) was published by the Open University Press, and translated into Japanese in 2004. He also contributes to several professional journals.

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