Who's Talking: Rewriting Shakespeare: The Gap of Time by Jeanette Winterson


Jeanette Winterson , the author of Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit  and the bestseller Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?, has produced yet another brilliant, imaginative and profoundly intelligent piece of art. The Gap of Time , published in  2016 as a contribution to The Hogarth Shakespeare project ,draws from Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale and retells the story of loss, revenge  and forgiveness from a contemporary perspective. Snezana Bosnjak  introduces us to the Hogarth project itself and gives an insight into the multi-layered world of Winterson’s prose.

Ponente:  Snezana Bosnjak

Snezana Bosnjak holds degrees in English Language and Literature and has undertaken Doctoral Studies in Contemporary English Literature and Applied Linguistics. She became particularly interested in Shakespeare and rewriting of Shakespeare during her PhD courses at the University of Alicante entitled New Approximations and Interpretations of Shakespeare’s Theatre and his Contemporaries and Post-colonial Literature. She joined FBS Language Training  in 2015 and she has been teaching English in Serbia, Spain and the UK for more than 25  years. 

FBS Alicante

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