The Case Study Method

The basic educational methodology, within the general orientation of Fundesem Business School, is the Case Study Method.

The Case Study Method is the cornerstone of our methodology. It is the ideal method for management development, which is achieved through personal discovery. It helps students to develop the managerial skills to address real business problems in class and to teach them to think and take decisions as executives.

Classes take the form of business meetings, which require essential preparatory work prior to the class in which the teacher acts as an expert who leads and guides the debate. The student also has technical notes which complement the cases by introducing and developing concepts which facilitate their understanding of the work.

The FBS Case Study Method is appied rigorouslyand our staff have been specially trained in this teaching methodology.

It is necessary to distinguish between case studies and exercises. In the latter the student undertakes a training activity aimed at solving a problem, whereas in the resolution of a case study the student develops a process of deductive learning which is based on previous self-taught study, so the resolution of the case in the classroom becomes an enriching discussion of concepts, alternatives, strategies, etc.

Hay que diferenciar entre Casos Prácticos y Ejercicios. En los segundos el alumno realiza una acción formativa dirigida a la resolución de una problema, mientras que en la resolución de un Caso Práctico el alumno desarrolla un proceso de aprendizaje deductivo que se basa en un estudio previo autodidacta, por lo que la resolución del caso en la clase presencial se convierte en una enriquecedora discusión de conceptos, alternativas, estrategias, etc.
  • Teamworking

    Teamworking is the other fundamental pillar of our methodology. From the first day of class the student is integrated into a work group that simulates the same dynamic as in a management team. Through discussion groups, students are enriched in maximizing the opinions of individuals, allowing a greater contribution to the discussions of the general sessions.

    Business success has much to do with the ability to build cohesive involved teams in which a higher common purpose motivates them. However, in enterprise, they frequently tend to prevail against individualism within the team. For this reason, we instill in students the importance of team work and train them so that they are capable of leading teams in a business environment.

  • Reports and Projects:

    Throughout the course students carry out, individually as well as in a team, specific studies on selected topics and reports on the cases discussed, defining solutions to the issues raised on each occasion. They also undertake projects based on real cases with a program integrating vision.

  • Role Playing:

    In certain areas the students or teams must prepare and play different roles in the resolution of cases, to seek solutions to business problems


The FBS Virtual Campus is the technology platform on which the development and monitoring of training programs is structured.It is designed so that students have access to academic resources and all the up-to-date information on the program, notes, assessments and academic materials, in addition to being the daily channel of communication between students, teachers and the school.