FBR - Webinar: Present and Future of Supply Chain Management (Grabación)

Webinar: Present and Future of Supply Chain Management (Grabación)

Antonio Andrés Lencina

Publicado el
02 de Diciembre de 2015

Many people confuse Supply Chain with Logistics or Transportation, as this is a concept that encompasses much more, it encompasses the entire company and, therefore, this can make us lead our organization to new heights. Through my long experience, I have known, experienced and shared the keys to take this area of the company to another level, to make a revolution and to think about approaches that had not been done so far. In this webinar the keys are given to understand the latest trends that can be seen, due to the changing world in which we move and we will be able to focus the possibilities detected in strategies that benefit the direction of the company. Managers and companies have realized the importance of the Supply Chain area and turned it into a competitive advantage. Those who haven’t, either they have lost the lead or no longer exist.

Antonio Andrés Lencina
Sobre Antonio Andrés Lencina: Ha desarrollado su carrera profesional entre otras en dos de las multinacionales más importantes de España, BBVA y el Grupo Inditex. En el grupo Inditex, desarrolló su trabajo por más de 6 años en el área de desarrollo internacional de S...
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