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Euro 2012: East Meets West

Soccer fans are expecting a major event this summer: the final tournament for the biggest European soccer championship, Euro 2012.
For the first time UEFA is having the tournament in a land that for decades has been behind the Iron Curtain: Poland and Ukraine. For co-hosting countries, the preparation for the tournament brought positive developments in some ways and caused a great amount of headache in others. But despite the obstacles, it looks like the countries got their acts together and all the main preparations have been completed on time.

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International Master in Business Administration (IMBA) (100% English)

The International Master in Business Administration (IMBA), students will be able to improve or learn the Spanish language through specially designed language classes [More Information]

International Business Program (IBP) (100% English)

We offer international students the opportunity to acquire a multinational business culture and at the same time improve their Spanish through our International Business Program.[More Information]

100% English Programs: More Information IMBA

100% English Programs: More Information IBP


5 Ways Preparing Your Resume is Like Doing Taxes

By Josh Tolan

As we bid adieu to yet another tax deadline, it got me thinking about how doing your taxes is very similar to preparing your resume. As humor columnist Dave Barry, joked, “It’s tax time. I know this because I’m staring at documents that make no sense to me, no matter how many beers I drink.” The same could be said when working on your resume.

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The importance of “micro-enterprises”

By Scott Shane

Micro enterprises are a more important source of jobs in some countries than in others. Data from Entrepreneurship at a Glance, a publication of the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD), shows wide variation across nations in the share of employment in micro-businesses.

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Facebook Plays Offense and Defense in a Single Deal

By Somini Sengupta and Nick Bilton

Is it crazy for Facebook, a start-up that has not yet even gone public, to be throwing $1 billion at Instagram, an even younger start-up?

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Finland Imagines Life Without Nokia

By Kati Pohjanpalo and Diana ben-Aaron

When your country is closely aligned with a single company, there can be wonderful highs. In 2000, Nokia (NOK) was the world’s dominant cell-phone manufacturer. When paradise ends, though, the consequences are brutal. Nokia’s 94 percent share-price plunge from its 2000 peak has left thousands of engineers looking for work now that Nokia is curtailing local development and moving production to Asia.

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If They Don’t Do It Right, I Can Just Do It Myself

By Jamillah Warner

“If they don’t do it right, then I can just do it myself.” I’ve said and heard that phrase a hundred times (at least). But I’m convinced that replacing a low performing team member with yourself (the owner of the business) is a bad idea in the long run.

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Thinking, Fast and Slow


Kahneman exposes the extraordinary capabilities—and also the faults and biases—of fast thinking, and reveals the pervasive influence of intuitive impressions on our thoughts and behavior. The impact of loss aversion and overconfidence on corporate strategies, the difficulties of predicting what will make us happy in the future, the challenges of properly framing risks at work and at home, the profound effect of cognitive biases on everything from playing the stock market to planning the next vacation—each of these can be understood only by knowing how the two systems work together to shape our judgments and decisions.

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‘One Day on Earth’: The Most International Movie Premiere Ever

By Zoe Fox

Eighteen months after thousands of volunteer filmmakers in every country on the planet shot 3,000 hours of footage in one day, One Day on Earth will have the most widespread one-day premiere in history… The film is an entirely crowdsourced project, inviting anyone to join the shooting process. Its website has become a social hub for filmmaker members, who can post updates and photos, and connect with other members.

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