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If you wait to do everything until you're sure it's right, you'll probably never do much of anything.

Win Borden

EFMD – “Facing the new reality. Is collaboration the way forward?”

Fundesem Business School is proud to be the Host for the 2011 EFMD Meeting for International, External & Corporate Relations, PR, Marketing, Communication and Alumni professionals. The event, due to take place between March 23rd-25th, will be the point of meeting for more than 130 Representatives of Universities and Business Schools all over the world. This UPDATE Edition is dedicated to the concept of collaboration. Is it the way forward?


International Master in Business Administration (IMBA) (100% English)

The International Master in Business Administration (IMBA), students will be able to improve or learn the Spanish language through specially designed language classes [More Information]

International Business Program (IBP) (100% English)

We offer international students the opportunity to acquire a multinational business culture and at the same time improve their Spanish through our International Business Program.[More Information]

100% English Programs: More Information IMBA

100% English Programs: More Information IBP


CERN's Collaborative Management Model

As a business leader, imagine trying to manage more than 7,000 scientists from 85 countries around the world—with their own languages, cultures, and expertise—on a 20-year collaboration to create the most complex system ever built.

Find out how you can do it on BusinessWeek.com


SOCIAL MEDIA... by Isra García

LinkedIn, Profesionally Speaking Your Best Choice!

Social media descended from heaven and bless us with one of his most prized possessions, LinkedIn… professionally speaking your best choice!

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn simply is a social networking site for business that allows its users to keep up a permanent contact with a list of people they know or can trust when doing business. You can invite to join your network any user, it doesn’t matter whether they’re or not in LinkedIn to join.

Another interesting feature is that you can find people with who have studied or worked and get in touch again through LinkedIn.

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by Isra García
Empowering Business and Communities Beyond Social Media.
“My job isn’t making waves, but to ride them”


The impact of collaboration on the enterprise

In order to drive high company performance, all departments of a company must interact, exchange information, exchange know-how…in a word “collaborate”. A culture of openness contributed 36% to collaboration quality whereas the impact of a structure of decentralization or use of collaborative technology in strategy implementation each contributed 16% to collaboration quality. Find out what are the impacts of collaboration depending on different types of corporate culture.

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How Should Companies Approach Collaboration Marketing Given the Potential Risks?

Social networks, blogs and other communication technologies make it possible for almost anyone to influence how other people perceive your brand and products. Some companies have already begun to use these technologies – the practice we call collaboration marketing – while others are actively debating the wisdom of jumping into the fray. How much should you invest? What are the risks?

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GOOD Transparency: Business Collaboration

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CIO Buisness Solutions: Collaboration Tools That Move the Business

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