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Direct experience is the best way to begin to learn any culture.

A.J. Schuler

Breaking news: one of Fundesem’s International Relations representative has just returned from a successful business trip to Brazil.

The Brazilians have given a wonderful welcome, they showed great interest and they never stopped smiling. What a beautiful culture!

This Update Edition is dedicated to some of the world’s cultures and their way to do business.


International Master in Business Administration (IMBA) (100% English)

The International Master in Business Administration (IMBA), students will be able to improve or learn the Spanish language through specially designed language classes [More Information]

International Business Program (IBP) (100% English)

We offer international students the opportunity to acquire a multinational business culture and at the same time improve their Spanish through our International Business Program.[More Information]

100% English Programs: More Information IMBA

100% English Programs: More Information IBP


What if the language is not English?

Here’s a set of tips that have been proven to be very useful when doing business with people whose mother tongue is not English: be patient, speak slowly, build trust, pay attention to nonverbal language and many others.

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SOCIAL MEDIA... by Isra García

What Twitter Can Do For Your Small Business

I recently talked about the suitability of twitter for every message/event/channel in a UK forum, saying that Twitter isn’t a tool or platform, but a communication medium, which has the power to create conversation instead of the typical “noise”, leverage millions of people with just 140 characters and all this in real-time. Therefore, if we find our audience, create relevant content, adapt it to them and finally shipping, and delivering it properly.

Nevertheless, what I missed – and Jonathan N reminded me in Social Media Today’s LinkedIn group – is that Twitter seems to have a lot of benefit in helping businesses reach out for finding customers. And as he said, it is an adventure too! – heck, let’s explore it! – There’s no doubt, that Twitter will be suitable for every form of communication we intend. If you are  still thinking what twitter can do for your small business, here I you’ve a brilliant post from P2W2 series by Chaitanya. It talks about what Twitter can do for your small business and gives you plenty of examples of how does it..

by Isra García
Empowering Business and Communities Beyond Social Media.
“My job isn’t making waves, but to ride them”


Working across cultures

Rule number one: Learn about the business beforehand.
This general business strategy becomes increasingly important when dealing with businesses across cultures. Get on their website, check out their promotional material. Get a feel for the atmosphere, attitude, and angle that the business has. Many cultural factors are passed down from the societal level to businesses. However, each organization will have its own culture, personality, and way of doing things.

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How Should Companies Approach Collaboration Marketing Given the Potential Risks?

"In today's business world, cultural misunderstandings can be deal killers. "Global Negotiations: The New Rules" gives executives the tools they need to navigate difficult waters. John Graham and William Hernández Requejo have filled this volume with crisp, actionable advice that will lead to creative business partnerships and build success in international markets."
--Bill Amelio, CEO, Lenovo Computers

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