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Tips for Conducting Online Competitor Analysis

By Helen Major

One thing that many new businesses take for granted is that their competitors are the same companies online and offline. While it’s often the case that the same company controls market share in both sectors, when you start looking at the complex landscape of keywords and user dynamics, the competition increases and new players enter the field.

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The Truth: India is not producing enough

By Sujai Karampuri

Right now, Indian economy is going through a slump, and in the last few months we have seen Indian currency taking a massive hit reducing its value against dollar by nearly 20%. The growth projections for India’s GDP have come down from earlier eight-plus percentages to six-plus percentages – some analysts have even predicted only a five-plus growth rate. Two months ago, petrol prices were hiked by eight rupees in a single day, the highest increase in Indian history, and already another hike is now announced.

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The Dollar Could Be At A 1996 Moment

By Also Sprach Analyst

We noted that the US dollar did tend to weaken when the Fed expanded its balance sheet, but the Fed did tend to announce and/or start balance sheet expansion during periods of financial stress, and the stress in the market subsided when the Fed expanded its balance sheet, so the market was in risk-on mode.

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Technology vs. Utility

By appleoutsider.com

With the press embargo on iPhone 5 lifted, we’re finally hearing about the product from people who have actually held and used it. Before that, and still after, both positive and negative media impressions have been unable to resist mentioning the bogeyman known as near field communication (NFC).

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Mobile Retail Finds an Audience in Germany

Consumers in Germany are highly disposed to online retail. In the largest economy in Europe, more than nine in 10 internet users will shop online this year, eMarketer predicts, and nearly eight in 10 will make a purchase—higher proportions than in the US. Now, consumers are transitioning that affinity onto their mobile devices.

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Social Network Demographics: Pew Study Shows Who Uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Others

By Matt McGee

There are stereotypes attached to certain social networks about the makeup of their user base. LinkedIn is for business people. Facebook has a lot of older Americans. Pinterest is for girls. That’s the conventional wisdom.

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How to Be Unforgettable Online

By Chad Barr and Alan Weiss

Macala Wright is the publisher of FashionablyMarketing.Me, one of the leading fashion and retail industry business websites. She is a retail consultant and business strategist who specializes in marketing consulting for fashion, luxury, and lifestyle brands.

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Your Body Language Speaks for You in Meetings

By Charalambos Vlachoutsicos

Besides our choice of words and the volume and tone of a voice, gestures, posture and facial expressions all convey powerful messages to the people we are talking to, which is precisely why everyone pays close attention to other people's body language.

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4 Ways to Discover Your Strengths

by Nadia Goodman

Your strengths are ultimately the keys to your success. "When we do things we're already good at, our business acumen is quicker," says Todd Kashdan, a psychology professor at George Mason University and author of Curious? (William Morrow, 2009).

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Yes to the Mess: Surprising leadership lessons from jazz

By Frank J Barrett

By Frank J Barrett When faced with complexity and constant change at work, what do the best leaders and teams do? They iterate. They invent. They improvise. They string together a syncopated and rhythmic way of working that gets the job done but in a way that allows for flexibility, new ways of work, and new avenues for opportunity. In short, they say “yes” to the “mess” that is today’s fast-moving 24/7 business environment.

Frank Barrett, jazz pianist and management scholar, says this improvisational “jazz mindset” – and the skills and competencies that go along with it – is crucial for effective leadership today.

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Here's How Google Decides What Companies to Buy

By Bloomberg

David Lawee, vice president for corporate development, speaks with Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman about Google's approach to acquisitions.

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