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Fundesem Alumni History

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Fundesem is a business school which has been in existence for 47 years. Some 60 thousand students have studied in its classrooms. The Asociación Fundesem Alumni, formed by all past students, was created to unite their experiences and create a place for exchange of ideas etc.

Historia Alumni / Alumni History

Fundesem Alumni is a non-profitmaking association, exclusively comprised of past students, some of whom are current Fundesem teachers. It began to initiate activities in 1996 and the first members were students from various courses of commercial management, marketing strategy and communication, who agreed to call it the Marketing Managers Circle (Círculo de Directivos de Marketing).

Since then the history of Fundesem Alumni has evolved: in 1997 it was decided to constitute the Fundesem Managers’ Forum (Fundesem Forum Directivo), to take the place of the Círculo de Directivos de Marketing and, later, the name was changed to the Fundesem Association (Fundesem Asociación). Since 2006 it has been called Fundesem Alumni.

From the initial focus centred on marketing, it has developed to become much broader and includes professionals from all the management áreas in which Fundesem offers training.

The first President of the Association was Luis Guirao de Vierna. In 1998, he was replaced by José Santacruz Cutillas, who remained as President of the group until 2006. The current President is Carlos Rey Escribano.

Fundesem is a business school teaching Masters’ degrees and high level professional courses. Fundesem has 46 years’ experience and over 200 companies comprise the Foundation.


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